Why I’m Running

“I am a proud product of the Tigard-Tualatin school district. I love our schools for the opportunities and experiences they gave me.

In first grade, Linda Kehe taught me to love reading. In fifth grade, Steve Meagher showed me how to direct my own movie and Frank Francis turned his classroom into a spaceship and took us to the moon.

In middle school, Leigh Church showed me how to build a positive school culture, and I learned that students can impact the decisions that affect them when I was on the Hazelbrook Site Council.

In high school, Robin Bailey made me love to go to Spanish class. Tryon Thompson and Shem Malone challenged me to think beyond my school, my state, and my country. Rick Osborn showed me how to lead in difficult circumstances.

I wasn’t a perfect kid, but my schools and my teachers gave me every opportunity to succeed. The Tigard-Tualatin School District propelled me to the University of Oregon and then the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Now I want to pay it forward and contribute to a school district that made it possible for me.”

- Ben Bowman