Ben Bowman is proud to be endorsed by:

  • The Tigard-Tualatin Education Association (representing TTSD teachers)

  • Margaret Doherty, State Representative (Tigard)

  • Rachel Prusak, State Representative (Tualatin)

  • Rob Wagner, State Senator (Tualatin)

  • Dr. Barry Albertson, Former Tigard-Tualatin School Board Member

  • Jason Snider, Tigard Mayor

  • Ken Gibson, King City Mayor

  • Gery Schirado, Durham Mayor

  • John Cook, Former Tigard Mayor

  • Kathy Stallkamp, Tigard-Tualatin Aquatic District President

  • Katherine Ager, Tualatin High Student Body President

  • Natalie Carlson, Tigard High Student Body President

  • Tom Anderson, Tigard City Councilor

  • Joelle Davis, Tualatin City Councilor

  • Bridget Brooks, Tualatin City Councilor

  • Kathryn Harrington, Washington County Chair

  • Ross Baker, President of the Tualatin Historical Society

  • Laura Baker, former member of the TTSD Budget Committee

  • Ali Herrera, former TuHS Student Liaison to the School Board

  • International Association of Fire Fighters Local 1660 (Tualatin Valley Firefighters)

  • Carl Fisher, Metzger Park Advisory Board

  • Sonnet Marie, Tualatin Parent

  • Juan Gonzalez, Metro Councilor

  • Tom Colett, Beaverton School Board Member

  • Janeen Sollman, State Representative

  • Ali Kavianian, President of the Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District

  • Wendy Kroger, Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District Board Member

  • Robyn Biehler, retired TTSD Teacher

  • Maxine Corrigan, retired TuHS Counselor

  • Leigh Church, former Hazelbrook teacher

  • Kristen Miles, TTSD Community Budget Workgroup Member

  • Jeff Engh, Tigard

  • Leigh Christopherson, Tigard

  • Patrick Maguire, Former Tigard-Tualatin Aquatic District Budget Committee Member

  • Shaun Stuhldryer, Mary Woodward PSO Science Committee Chair

  • Nancy Lewis, King City

  • Dirk and Marianne Lakeman, Tualatin Parents

  • Jeff and Tahamara Brown, Tualatin Parent

  • Diane Tyhurst, King City

  • Justin Low, Tigard

  • Riley Westerfield, Tigard

  • Minna Kim, Tigard

  • Miles Palacios, Tigard

  • Catherine Frisiras, Tigard

  • Michael and Lauri Freudenthal, Tigard Parents

  • Laurel Gray, Tualatin

  • Stephanie Matheson, Tigard

  • Jenifer McDonald, Tualatin Parent

  • Larry Minor, Tigard Parent

  • Shannon Lowry, Tualatin Parent

  • Bonnie Ford, Tualatin Parent

  • Diane and Bob Campbell, Tualatin Grandparents

  • Dave and Anu Shrestha, Tigard Parents

  • Mike and Sheryl Livermore, Tualatin Parents

  • Emma Chamseddine, Tualatin

  • Kyleigh Layman, Tigard

  • Sarah Gentry, Tigard

  • Cate Phipps, Tualatin

  • Julie Davies, Tigard

  • Allie Marx, Tualatin

  • Luke Wargo, Tigard

  • Michael Bailey, Tigard

  • Dugan Watts, Tigard

  • Riley Watts, Tigard

  • Malory Turner, TuHS Alum

  • Andrew Epp, Tigard

  • Maddie Rough, Tigard

  • Jia Layman, Tigard

  • Shea Carlberg, Tigard

  • Matthew Koehler

  • Colbey Carpenter

  • Buddy Terry

  • Scott Epp

  • Maureen Barnhart

  • Julie Bottjen

  • Sarah Hardcastle

  • Susie Sayles

  • Beau Pulliam

  • Cameron Broome

  • Daniel Paulsen

  • Rachel Haas

  • Celeste Yager-Kandle

  • Hillary Kirk

  • Sommer Kirk

  • Wlnsvey Campos

  • Derek Evans

  • and dozens of other community leaders!

Ben and Barry.jpg
“I proudly served on the Tigard-Tualatin School Board for 16 years, and I have never been more excited about a candidate than I am about Ben. He has a deep understanding of public education, a never-tiring work ethic, and new ideas to improve our schools.”
— Barry Albertson, Former School Board Member
“Working with Ben has been an amazing experience. Ben cares about mental health, class sizes, and truly wants to make everyone feel welcomed. He has been one of the few adults in my life that has asked me my opinion on things in our district. He truly cares about the well being of every student and I know he can bring so much positive change!”
— Lupita Ruiz, Tualatin High Student
“Working on this campaign with Ben has been such an eye-opening and inspiring experience. As a student, it’s been awesome seeing a candidate who values student voice so much and actually talks to us about what we’d like to see more of in schools. I truly believe that Ben will bring positive change to the district that will benefit all students!”
— Claire Minor, Tigard High Student
“Ben Bowman is a Tualatin High School alumni and has been working in education policy and politics for a long time now. Ben is such a good candidate for our school board because he values student voice. Student voice is essential to our district policies because students are more directly affected than any other group.”
— Madison McDonald, Tualatin High Student
“Like Ben, I am a product of TTSD. I have come to care a lot about our district and the kids that it serves. I want nothing more than for the next generation of kids in TTSD to receive an education that prepares them for a life as well as mine has prepared me. The district will be in good hands with Ben.”
— John Freudenthal, Tigard High Student